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— Tanya Camilleri

Neuroscience Coach Melbourne- Tanya Camilleri

Neuroscience, brain-based coaching combines the study of the brain, tapping into your emotions and a structured coaching process. It provides clarity of thought, encourages thinking, mindfulness, creative problem solving, overcoming challenges, goal setting and building structured plans to achieve success.

A neuroscience approach to coaching helps set transformational goals by focusing on the neuroplasticity of your brain and hard wiring new habits, new behaviours, new thinking. This approach provides you with a better understanding of your brain, what drives it and what your personal obstacles are. It empowers you to find your purpose, perform at your best and be happy in life.

My coaching process is structured with the ability to flex and suit each individual. It is focused on goal setting, clear strategies and timely actions to assist you to achieve your goals. I also provide an accountability β€˜check-in’ process to keep you on track, ensuring you have full support between sessions.



  • Are you ready to play bigger and gain the confidence to achieve more?

  • Do you suffer from imposter syndrome? Do you feel like a fraud and just lucky to be where you are today?

  • Do you feel stuck or need help articulating your vision and goals? LEARN MORE


Training & Workshops

  • Do you need to build resilience in your team to help drive performance?

  • Does your team need development focusing on strengths and applied neuroscience?

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Keynote Speaking & Events

  • Do you need an engaging speaker for your next event?

  • Are you looking for an introduction to neuroscience to get your teams thinking about their performance?

  • Do you set goals and then struggle to take action and execute? LEARN MORE

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My mission is to inspire you to meet your full potential.

To guide you to go further, take that next step, believe in yourself and have the confidence to succeed. I create a safe place for you to think, express, link and label thoughts to emotions in order to reappraise into the positive. I then help you to define the appropriate actions you need to take. I have a focused approach to help you obtain a clear vision and plan to achieve your goals. Yes, it’s true, you must do some hard work in between sessions but the good news is, I am here to cheer you on every step of the way!

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