IAG - Leading Change Program

Thank you Tanya for your support throughout the 2 day program. This course has definitely equipped me with a better understanding of the brain and how our emotions impact our decisions, what to consider when delivering change and how to build better resilience.

~ Nathan, Change Program Manager

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Setting Up for Success 2019 - Event

Tanya is a wonderful facilitator, full of passion and energy. She brings the content to life through her own personal examples and creates a safe space for the group to share ideas, stories and experiences. I thoroughly enjoyed the goal setting workshop, learning how the brain works and tips on how to embed new habits. Thank you for an awesome day, I look forward to your next workshop!

~ Marie

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Meri – Business Coaching

I was recently faced with cross-roads with my business. I was denying my intuition and had been struggling with deciding what to do for a few months. Tanya helped me to explore my inner self and assisted me with gaining clarity on what I was feeling. She encouraged me to trust my intuition and not deny my feelings or make excuses for what I was feeling. I believe I knew the answer I was seeking all along, but she encouraged me to explore my passions and envision my future. She was very compassionate, impartial, understanding and reassuring. She has a lovely disposition and I felt I was easily able to open up to her. I highly recommend Tanya as a coach.

~ Meri

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Mums & Co Ambassador – Events

I went to my first Mums&Co catch up in August and it was really nice to feel instantly welcome to an amazing group of women. Tanya is very motivated and focused towards you achieving your goals by setting and reviewing each month. It really helps you keep your focus on what you are aiming towards no matter how big or small. Thank you Tanya for a wonderful first meeting and I will definitely be back so you can assist me to achieve.

~ Janet Mastropasqua

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BBQs and Outdoors – Team 1:1 Coaching

Tanya was fantastic, easy to deal with and has an extremely positive outlook! Our team enjoyed the one on one coaching sessions with everyone taking away a personal positive experience. As a manager, I look forward to working with the team to see how they implement their new found awareness of achieving their desired goals.

~ Bethany Henry, BBQs and Outdoor

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Fernwood Fitness – 12 Week Challenge Keynote

We invited Tanya to speak at the half way point in the Fernwood Fitness, Sydenham 12 Week Challenge. She was amazing how she worked with the team to reflect on their goals, progress made and what action plans needed to be in place in order to succeed. She is exceptionally skilled with highly developed leadership and people skills. 

~ Luisa Prior, Fernwood Fitness Sydenham

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Kristy Kemp - Executive Coaching

I have had the pleasure of working with Tanya as my coach not only for work goals but for personal as well. Through my coaching experience Tanya has always been professional, personable and a 100% engaged to the outcomes I was trying to achieve in our sessions. She has taught me how to challenge my own thinking and how to unlock insights in tough situations. I thank Tanya for the growth development I have gained during our time together.  

~ Kristy Kemp

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Mums & Co Ambassador – Events

Being involved in Mums&Co and networking with other amazing women in business has been so valuable. Tanya our Ambassador is the ideal leader, she makes sure we meet regularly, she encourages everyone to speak about their experiences and is highly motivating offering great suggestions where our business is concerned. We walk out feeling reenergised and ready to take on the world.

~ Dee from MoJe Essentials

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Linde Group – Sales Training Program

Thanks for sharing the feedback on the session you held with my team in Adelaide recently, it echo’s the great feedback verbally I have been receiving from the team. It isn’t always the message but how it is delivered, and this is where you excel, transferring not only new skill but an enthusiasm and passion for Sales as well, this is most valuable in the learning process. I really appreciate your time and effort with the team, it has been very successful, and we will see the results in the Sales!

~ Karen Gillespie, BOC Regional Sales Manager SA

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Rachelle Borg – Business Coaching

The coaching I received from Tanya was a well thought out, step by step process that enabled me to set clear and defining goals whilst setting up my business. Tanya helped me develop and navigate through strategies required to achieve my goals whilst providing ongoing support, ensuring all we had set out to do was achieved within a specified time frame. On a personal level Tanya not only gave me the tools to start a business but also ensured I maintained a healthy work life balance which was important to me. 

~ Rachelle  Borg, Integrative Performance Health & Nutrition

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