Stronger Together

I recently became a member and ambassador for Mums & Co, a great initiative bringing women in business together. I held my first coffee catch up and was lucky enough to meet and connect with three other mums in business. This is how it went...

It was refreshing to sit down with like minded women who are trying hard to have it all and keep all of the balls in the air – not letting anything drop. But hey, let’s face it and be honest… most of the time something has to give. We can’t physically do everything, we can have the best intentions, but something always misses out. The only advice I can offer here is to ensure that you are prioritising the important stuff and letting go of anything else. I no longer stress out about having a perfectly clean floor or having the ironing up to date. As long as we clean up after ourselves and have clothes to wear, I am happy.

We all shared our stories and it was surprising how quickly and easily we opened up and felt comfortable with each other. Even to the stage of sharing our biggest, deepest, darkest challenge and then to shift from that space - what we could do before our next “coffee catch up”- as a true coach, I developed a closed Facebook group so we could share and check in on one another’s progress.

Our group page has been amazing for following up, encouragement and support. I love seeing the power of strong women coming together, supporting one another and most of all believing in each other to chase our dreams and step out of our comfort zones.

Looking forward to the next catch up and meeting some more mums in business… if you want to come along for a casual chat, our next date is Friday 27th April... more details to come!