We have a team of experienced speakers that are inspiring and share a passion for neuroscience, people development, coaching, productivity and embedding a successful mindset. We adopt a story-telling format bringing theory and content to life through real examples. We encourage thinking, self-reflection and involvement to hold the attention of the room. We are professional yet personable, engaging and aim to connect with the audience on a deeper emotional level. We link content, scientific research and examples to embed learning and achieve the required key takeaways. Some of the organisations we have provided keynote speaking for are: CUB Melbourne, Victoria University, Fernwood Fitness, Elite Myotherapy and Graffiti Eaters. We welcome the opportunity to discuss what you are looking to achieve, to ensure we tailor our approach to meet your needs.

We have various topics that we cover such as:

Keynote Speaking
  • Re-building and building Resilience through Change

  • Neuroscience and Leadership

  • Building a Success Mindset

  • Brain-based Coaching

  • The Power of Goal Setting

  • Communicating with Impact

  • Mind Full v. Mindful

  • Neuroscience and Selling

  • Playing to your Strengths

  • Embracing Grief

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Upcoming Events

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‘Building Your Resilience’

An intimate workshop with a science-based approach sharing insights on the main structures of our brain to help you understand how you can take back control of your thoughts, how to build greater confidence and achieve a successful mindset.

Leave our workshop with higher self-awareness, increased energy to take action, improved emotional agility and receive ongoing support through our closed Facebook group!

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