Pay Attention

Our thoughts are powerful. What you think can shift your entire mood, creating a ripple effect through your body. Understanding the brain and how it operates is key to achieving what you want out of life. 

An insight that I like to share with clients is that our brains hard wire everything it can. When we are trying to stop a bad 'habit' it can be very hard because it is like we go into auto pilot.

The good news is, if we choose to pay attention to what our true goal is, new behaviour, activity, thought, etc. then eventually our brain will hard wire it and it will become our new focus or 'habit'. This requires significant work, precision focus and lots of attention for it to be successful and become a long term circuit in our brain. 

So the key points to do some 'hard wiring':

  • Pay attention to the goal, behaviour, thought, activity you are trying to hard wire
  • Focus all your attention on the new not old otherwise you will be reinforcing the old wiring
  • Focus on the positive even if your progress is small, acknowledge it!

 What do you need to pay attention to?

Tanya CamilleriComment