Inspirational Goals

Anyone can set a goal but there needs to be a strong connection. An underlying pull, desire and need to achieve it. Otherwise the energy can be short lived.

Working with clients we set SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely. Then we work on the 'headline' the one short and simple sentence that inspires them each day when they connect to their goal.

We want to connect with our goals on a deeper emotional level, tap into the brains limbic system and link feelings and emotions to the goal, how will you feel when you achieve it? This enhances the amount of energy and life we put into our goals ensuring greater success.

Goal setting is one of my favourite parts of coaching, with my clients permission I can stretch their thinking and help them see greater potential in their lives. Giving them the time and space to work on themselves, see more, feel more and be inspired to take action.

The best part about goals is once they are achieved, the celebration!

How do you celebrate when you have achieved a goal?

Tanya Camilleri