My Top 5 Business Tips

As a mother juggling a young family, part time work and the evolution of my own business it is fair to say that I treasure every minute of the day.

So here are a few tips that I keep front of mind, whilst I go about my week:

Have a clear vision – know exactly what you want your business to be about, who are your customers, where do you find them and how will you 'woo' them? What can I do this week to grow my business?

Line up your support team - this could be family, your partner, friends and/or colleagues and investigate getting a coach (that you connect with). My coach keeps me on track, accountable and helps stretch my thinking. Who do I need this week to help me succeed?

Look after number one - you need to be at your best to succeed. Use your support network for help so you can get to the gym, take a walk or simply take some time out. Each week I work out what days I can get to the gym and whose help I need!

Think outside the square - now that you have more tasks to fit into the day. What can you change to make life a little easier? I have recently converted to online grocery shopping - the bonus is time saved and I spend much less per week. What can you delegate?

Finally.. Be YOU and be confident - remember there is only one YOU so think about all of your strengths, what you do well, what you love to do and work it. It begins with your thoughts, you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

Most of all, I do my best to be present in each area of my life. Life is way too short to be comfortable and settle. Do you love what you do?